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Whilst it is imperative you get the right fire protection product for your needs, once installed it is essential that a fixed fire suppression system is properly maintained to ensure that it operates as was originally intended...

At National Sprinkler Company we pride ourselves on providing our clients with the most qualified service and maintenance staff in the market place. All of our sprinkler inspectors are qualified inspectors with the relevant LPC competency review exams passed. It is now compulsory under the LPS 1048 scheme that all sprinkler inspectors are sufficiently qualified and hold the relevant competency review exam certificates. It is our company policy that all our inspectors carry copies of their certificates with them to all sites they attend. Copies of certificates can be made available on request for your own records.

The standards require your system to be tested weekly, inspected quarterly and serviced annually. These are key elements to your systems operational performance and readiness. We are able to support you in providing you with the right service solutions to ensure you comply with the requirements of the standards of your system and also of your insurers.