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As a competent designer and LPS 1048 certified sprinkler contractor National Sprinkler Company must adhere to strict criteria stipulated within the LPS 1048, NFPA and FM Global standards. One such criteria requires that a minimum number of designers must have passed design competency review exams.

At National Sprinkler Company all of our designers have passed the relevant Loss Prevention Council (LPC) competency review exams, so you can rest assured that when you deal with a designer from National Sprinkler Company, you are dealing with a recognised professional in their field. Should you have any technical queries regarding either your existing or your proposed fire protection system please do not hesitate to contact someone from our technical team.

Our designers will intergrate with the project design team to ensure system compliance along with co-ordination with other critical trades.

We are experienced working with;
- AutoCAD 2D/3/D
- BIM Modelling / Revit / Navisworks
- 3D Hydraulic Modelling
- Integrated Fabrication Modelling