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Sprinkler systems are the most widely recognised and approved method of fixed fire suppression system in the world. A sprinkler system can be defined as “A system designed to discharge water under pressure from sprinkler heads at or near the point of origin of the fire only”.


A water mist system is a fire protection system which uses a very fine spray of water as compared with larger droplets of standard sprinkler systems. Water mist systems come in a variety of configurations for both Hi-Pressure and Low-Pressure applications.

Deluge & Foam Systems

Deluge & Foam Systems are fire sprinkler system typically used in areas considered as high hazard such as power plants and chemical storage areas. They are designed to have a high output to control the growth or spread of a fire

Kitchen Supression

A Kitchen Fire Suppression System is an automatic systems designed to protect specific areas of a kitchen rather than the overall kitchen itself. They are typically installed to protect around Filters, Fryers, Griddles, Range Tops etc

Gas Suprression

A Gas Suppression Systems is an Automatic Systems to works on the basis of dispersing gasses such as nitrogen, argon etc into a space to reduce the oxygen level around a fire to suppress it in the process. They are typically installed in rooms containing heavy power or communications equipment.

Wet/Dry Risers

Wet and Dry Risers are installed for the fire service to pump large amounts of water through a riser to a connection point in the building. Typically a breaching valve is located at ground level for connection from the fire services with subsidiary valves on each floor for a connection to be made to fight a fire.

Fire Hose Reels

Fire Hose Reels are a manually operated fire fighting tool. They consist of a pumped water supply sent to hose reel locations which are are strategically located around a building to ensure coverage.

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